Special Focus on Babies and Children

If you are concerned with the quality of food your child is eating, please join us in addressing this important issue.

Eat Healthy!

Foodie Dude “You are what you eat,” you’ve heard it a million times. More and more, what we eat demands more attention from us. In a world full of additives, chemicals, genetic engineering, etc. our food is not always what we think it is. Fortunately there are numerous ways we can make sure we keep our children, families, friends and ourselves healthy and safe. Together we can all thrive!

Your ideas and actions can help someone starting out on the path you are already on! Or if you are just starting out, reaching out to someone may help you learn from their experiences. Feel free to ask and to share!

It is well worth the effort

It can be overwhelming with all we have to do and take care of to focus on “one more thing”.  Focusing on your food however is what will give you the energy and great health to do the rest!